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We design video games and appreciate that many others do as well. After all, there is nothing like having fun with an interesting video game as a challenge. Unless a game designer is self-developing and self-funding, documents in the form of high concept statements, game concept and detailed design reports may be necessary. These documents serve to sell or pitch your ideas and concepts to prospective financial backers and publishing houses.

However, not every designer is a writer. Nor is report writing everyone’s idea of fun. Besides writing video game reports is an art. An art that requires extremely concise writing whilst describing the game proposal fully with adequate detail in order to convey – and sell – the game concepts. Here at inGruv, we do not mind it at all. In fact, we embrace the task. We are happy just to be a tangible part of the process. For these reasons, we offer services to produce games high concept statements, game concept and detailed design documents.

We compose these documents in line with the accepted, established industry standard. In other words, in accordance with the format or framework created by industry experts such as Ernest W Adams. Adams is a leading games design consultant, author and founder of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). For even more on Ernest Adams, visit his Facebook page.

Rest assured we will treat your intellectual property with respect and strict confidentiality. Accordingly, we will not plagiarise your material. By all means, contact us to discuss your needs.

Sample pages from a concept report and its subsequent detailed report:

Video Game Concept Report - Sample Page   Detailed Video Game Report - Sample Page 4   Detailed Video Game Report - Sample Page 7   Detailed Video Game Report - Sample Page 11

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