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These videos are reduced, in frame size and data rate, to minimise file size and hence web loading time. Visit Portfolio for samples of our project-related videos and check back with this page as other videos will be posted in the future.


Shinkansen ‘Bullet Train’  |  Himeji Station, Japan

There are not many sensations as exciting as a Japanese ‘bullet train’ thundering by at near maximum operating speed. These trains, in this case a Japan Rail Sanyo Shinkansen Nozomi express, operate at 285kmh and fly by in virtually the blink of an eye. Our videographer took this footage ‘shooting from the hip’, figuratively speaking, that is. A GoPro Hero 4 action camera captured the high velocity train at 25 frames per second. A frame-rate of 50 or 60fps would have been better for this subject and circumstance. However, the video capture was a ‘point & shoot’ opportunity and, as such, there wasn’t time to adjust camera settings. Software applications used were Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Post-processing is minimal and consists mainly of color adjustments and application of light leaks and overlays.


Motion Graphics Opening Credits  |  Changing Seasons Entertainment

We created this video opening credit clip as a 2D motion graphic. The sequence is a combination of photography and visual effects. In concept, the leaves transition from the brown of winter to the vivid green of summer thus reflecting the name of the video publishing house. On balance, the outcome is a simple yet effective solution. As is frequently the case, the simplest solutions are often the best. Software applications used for this ‘mograph’ were Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Additionally, we used Adobe Audition for audio track refinement. For more information, see Project 4.


Tourism Video  |  New York City : Impressions of “a city that doesn’t sleep…” 

This is a tourism and travel video project showcasing New York City. The brief, and therefore the challenge, was to create a one-minute promotional video highlighting the character and attractions of the city over a 24 hour period. Correspondingly, the challenge to capture and then convey the ambiance, soul and heartbeat of the buzzing metropolis was extremely difficult. All in all, we like to think that we have done justice to the task and to the city. For more information, see Project 1.


eLearning Video  |  Akitekucha : A Musical & Sonic Rumination of Architecture

Akitekucha is a travel-interest cum elearning video production showcasing the inseparable and symbiotic relationship between architecture and music. With this in mind, the video comprises varied music tracks and sound effects superimposed against images of architecture and structures illustrating the relationship. For more information, see Project 7.

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